Los Angeles DJ Teffler Shares Success Story, Placements On NBA TV, MTV, After Taking The Film and TV Master Course

DJ Teffler’s Feedback:

Los Angeles based Music Producer, DJ Teffler is one of the most highly sought after remixers in today’s music industry, boasting on major credits under his belt with features on BBC1, CNN, and MTV. Here’s his success story with a placement on MTV few weeks after taking the course.

Akali: Artist, Singer, Songwriter, after taking the My Music In Film and TV Master Course

Akali’s Feedback:

“As an artist and songwriter, now i know there are more options for me besides putting music out. I learnt how to write songs for film and tv, and how to license them on my own without going through a 3rd party. Career wise, it has opened my eyes to more options and opportunities available to me and how to handle the business side better.”

Marc Collier: Drummer, Teacher For 30 Years, Masters Degree In Music From University of Washington

Course Taken: Music In Film and TV Master Course

Marc Collier’s Feedback:

This Master Course class has been great about the aspect of music business that should be added into University Curriculums to help musicians, creators, engineers, and music majors learn how to making a living in film and tv from their craft besides just gigs. Good detail. Thorough coverage of the process (submission, custom). Feel i have a solid grasp of building my own library

JS Lands Placements On American Idol, Empire, After Taking The Music Production For Film and TV Course

With 15 years of experience, JS has worked with top artists  and brands like B.O.B, T.I, NBA, NFL Samsung, Sony. He has since placed his beats on shows like American Idol, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Coach, and Vice since taking the course 7 months ago.

Jerome “JS” Smith’s Feedback:

“I learned a lot from taking this course. It has really expanded my scope and understanding of what music licensing is really all about, and how to truly succeed. I have since landed tons of placements with major brands, ads, and tv shows. Music Licensing is a career for me, and i’m glad i can call it one.”

Nate “Elevator Nate” Wheeler, Composer, Music Producer for 10 years

Course Taken: Music Production for Film and TV Course

Nate Wheeler’s Feedback:

“The film and tv space is my dream. I learned all i need to know to adapt my music to the format needed to be to go to person for music in film and tv. The instructor and trainer was excellent. Glad i took the class!! I got a better understanding of how much music is used in visual media and how there’s a lot of money to be made.”

John Kyle: Co Owner of MMP Records after taking the Film and TV Master Course

John Kyle’s Feedback:

“Every musician needs to take and continue this type of training. The experience and expertise of Ade, the trainer is solid. The music licensing course and the way you present it is highly intuitive and educational for anyone that’s willing to get into the music business. You presented the information in a very easy term for a novice to understand, and i consider myself a novice”

Janae Daniels: Artist, Songwriter, After Taking the Songwriting For Film and TV Course

Janae Daniel’s Feedback:

“It was an awesome class! I feel like it expanded my understanding of the music licensing industry. I learnt how to structure my music for film, which is completely different from regular production”. “What stood out the most for me was learning about the criteria of the industry and leaning what was required”.

Michael “1080Beats” Preston, Music Producer, Songwriter, after taking the Music Production For Film and TV Course

Michael Preston’s Feedback:

” This class was PERFECT! I learned the ends and outs of the music licensing field. All the Do’s and Don’ts and how to protect yourself on a business level. It’s crazy how you can take your music game to a whole new level”.

Rob Sanchez, Founder of MMP Records, Mix Engineer, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Rob Sanchez’s Feedback:

” The music in film and tv Master Course is a great course. Learnt everything i wanted too. I also learned the importance of a brief. Excited to take it to the next level and start expanding as a company. We are in the process of starting our music licensing company. This helped up jumpstart it immediately”.

Gabriel Reed, Music Producer, Songwriter for 18 years, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Gabriel Reed’s Feedback:

“I personally enjoyed hearing how content is licensed and placed in libraries. It gave me ideas for my own craft. I loved the hands on and what it taught me about to create music for film and tv, and how i work in time restraints to meet deadlines with my clients”.

Sam Doshier, Music Producer for 12 years, DJ, after taking the Music In Film and TV Master Course

Sam Doshier’s Feedback:

“The hands on direction while we were doing the workshop was super helpful. I Learned a lot. Thanks so much”.

Brandon Carlyle: Music Producer, Songwriter, After Taking the Film and TV Master Course

Brandon Carlyle’s Feedback:

“I’ve been producing music for over 7 years. I wanted to step in to the side of music, placing music in film and tv. It’s a good course, great information. I was able to understand the full concept behind music licensing and process that comes with placing music in film and tv. There were some stuff i didn’t know before that you expanded on that i know now, and puts me in a better spot. Take the course. Sign up. Learn this information for yourself. It would help puts you in a better position to generate income for your music. Learn what i learned”.

Stephanie Shipley: Music Producer, Songwriter, after taking the Music Production For Film and TV Course

Stephanie Shipley’s Feedback:

“Great Investment! Great content and explanation of the use of information. Clear and concise breakdowns. The interaction stood out for me and the instructor always had an answer for the class”.

Vane Awdis: Artist, Music Producer, Mix Engineer, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Lily Barek: Artist, Songwriter, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Lily Barek’s Feedback:

“I thought it was very informative and easy to understand. I learned about briefs, music licensing, and the timeframe of it. I love the fact that this wasn’t boring, even though it was a class. I didn’t miss out. It was fun and nice.

Omar Harris: Artist, Music Producer, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Erin Wallace: Music Producer, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Erin Wallace’s Feedback:

“I really enjoyed my training. Thank you so much. I Learned that there’s a lot to learn about licensing, especially the different vocabularies, entities, and how they interact. I also got a great understanding between licensing yourself as an artist in a label versus licensing just your songs.”

Daniel Williams : Music Producer, after taking the Music in Film and TV Master Course

Daniel William’s Feedback:

“I think this aspect of the music industry is glazed over, but it’s necessary for anyone trying to be successful in music.I enjoyed the hands on process and formatting of demoes and music production for tv and film.”

Kevin “Khamari” Beckwith: Music Producer, after taking the Music Production for Film and TC Course

Khamari’s Feedback:

I learnt a lot about music publishing, exclusive and non exclusive licensing, how to create film and tv music, synce fee negotiations and more. Everything in this class was new to me. I didn’t have a full understanding of how it worked. Now i do.”