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I'm Not Sure If These Courses Are For Me?

Have you ever wondered how music used in your favorite Film or TV happened?

Do you have hundreds of beats seating on your hard drive and have no idea how to generate royalties from them?

Do you write songs but don’t know how to get it placed on your favorite tv show?

Do you know how to produce or write specifically for film and tv?

Do you know how to pitch your music successfully?

Do you know what music licensing is and how it works?

If any of these or something similar happens to be a question you’ve always wondered about? We recommend you take a course that applies to you. Knowledge is power. To become a doctor, you need to gain knowledge of the profession. Same thing applies to you as a music content creator. To successfully license your music, you need to educate yourself on the craft

I Have Questions. How Do I Reach You?

Sure. Send us an email:

What Are The Requirements To Take Any Of Your Courses?

Music Producer Courses – You should have prior experience of how to produce music, currently have a music production software you work with, and a computer to access your course materials.

Songwriter Courses – You should have prior knowledge on how to write a song, currently have a vocal production software for vocal recording, and a computer to access your course materials.

How Long Would It Take To Complete My Course?

The length varies per course. Since it’s self study, time of completion would vary and depends on you. Each course comes with several lessons and steps about 8 hours in total. Details of each course is outlined on the course page. Each lesson would include training materials you need to read, video tutorials you need to watch, and activities you need to carry out. You would have access to your course for 12 months which allows you to learn at your own pace. Upon purchase completion, you automatically access to your course, and can start immediately. You would have access video tutorials, audio mp3 tutorials, E-Books, production template files, audio samples, and many more. check on the course page to see details of your course outline.

Do I Have To Logon To Access My Course Materials?

Yes you would need to logon to access your course with the same username and password you created To get the most out of your course, we highly recommend that you follow the lessons and access the videos and audios when instructed too.

Can I Get School Credits For Taking This Course?

MyMusicInFilmAndTv is an online platform providing self study materials to provide knowledge on various aspects of music licensing as a whole. We are not an educational institute. We do not provide school credits or certificate of completion.

I Forgot My login Username and Password. What Do I Do?

Not to worry. Send an email to with the email header “Requesting My Login Credentials For Website”. Be sure to include your full name (first, and last) and email address you used to sign on to the site. Once we verify, we would provide you with new login credentials.

I Can't Access My Course Materials From Course Link. What do i do?

Certainly email us at with a description of the difficulties you’re experiencing. We’ll work on getting on a resolution for you.

Can I Access My Course Work Through My Phone Or Other Handheld devices?

Sure. You can. However, we highly recommend that you access your course work on a computer for best results, most especially when watching the videos.

Can I Request A One on One Consultation?

Yes you can. You can purchase a consultation package and schedule a one on one consultation and training with the industry veteran Ade Ariyo. Send an email

Am I Guaranteed Placements After Taking This Course?

Just like everything else in life, nothing is guaranteed. However, Knowledge is very POWERFUL. Talent without guidance leads to frustration. You can be the best music producer in the world. Without knowing the secrets of how to produce specifically for film and tv, you may end up been the best unknown kept secret. These courses are packed with lessons and tutorials to give you insight on the music licensing world and how to succeed from my own personal experience, and how i have been able to be successful and now licensing music in 45 countries. I share my personal music production templates, several ebooks, audio and video tutorials, and much more. You would be learning the A – Z of music licensing to get you going once done. I also expand on my struggles and mistakes along the way, to help you. They contain industry standards Do’s and Don’ts. There are required steps to follow and tips to guide you in order to be successful in licensing your music. This courses provides you just that. You are also educated on music licensing as a whole. Each course would touch on several aspects that make up the music licensing world.