About Your Trainer

Once upon a time, i use to be a frustrated music producer and songwriter just like you, looking for an avenue to make a living doing that which i love to do, and for 10 years, i couldn’t find a way out.

I attended almost all the music conferences that ever existed. While it gave me knowledge about the music industry as a whole and hybrid overview on music licensing, NONE was ever hands on, holding my hands, teaching and giving me step by step instructions and training needed to successfully license my music.

I’m sure you’ve heard a song on a show and felt your song can be used for same? You seldom ask yourself why your awesomely produced or written track is not getting placed? How do you get film/tv placements? What’s missing is the “HOW”!

This lead to me creating  MyMusicInFilmAndTV.

MyMusicInFilmAndTv is a platform by a musician for musicians.

It’s a hands on and very detailed site, dedicated to training and educating music producers and songwriters  about the A-Z of music licensing, regardless of musical background or length of experience.

Ade Ariyo is the CEO and Owner of the Giant Music Licensing and Publishing Company, MUSIC BLVD GROUP, licensing and placing music in thousands of visual media in over 53 countries,  with it’s primary location in Los Angeles, California.  She is also a Music Supervisor and recently supervised the docu-film “Hoops Africa” on NBA TV. Her company works on prominent shows such as Better Call Saul, Kevin At Work, House of Lies, Empire, Power, Catfish, and much more! Music Blvd has worked with and have such A-List companies such as 20th Century Fox, Viacom Networks, Lionsgate, NBC, CBS, and much more as clients in over 53 countries. She is an Emmys (Television Academy) member, and a Grammy Governor for the Washington DC, Chapter of the Recording Academy (2016 – 2018).

There’s a missing link between music creators and the end users, which are the music supervisors and production houses. Music creators are not fully exposed or taught on the most important part of the music licensing industry to position them to be successful. No one is revealing and coaching them exact steps to follow. Not theory, but practical. That’s where this training comes in.


Ade Ariyo has trained hundreds of music producers and songwriters  through the hands on training My Music In Film and TV Course, teaching the 360 of music licensing, how to create, produce and write music for film/tv, how to successfully pitch, communication training and opportunity findings, and much more!

The goal here is to DIY. Do it yourself! It’s time to educate music creators they don’t and shouldn’t pay submission fees for placements to third party non decision makers when they can do it on their own if taught how too. It’s quite unethical.

  You would have access to tons of lessons, all hands on, including hours of audios, videos, and training documents, providing you step by step instructions on how to jumpstart your music licensing career.  Want to secure a one-on-one consultation? That’s available as well.

She is also a frequent called upon Panelist and Key Note Speaker at some of the most prominent Music Licensing Conferences in the world. Visit The NEWS tab for upcoming events and conferences

Why Choose Us

  • First Hand Training from A TV Placement Expert and Guru
  • INSIDER SECRETS – Learn secrets to easily place your tracks in TV
  • Highly sought after Speaker At Sync & TV Music Conferences
  • Has over 500 Clients Worldwide
  • Places Music In TV and Film In Over 45 Countries
  • Has Placed over 6000 beats and counting
  • Music Producer Just Like You
  • Review and Feedback from an Industry Professional
  • Consideration To Submit Beats For The Shows She Works On
  • Secret Ingredients to getting more placements easily.
  • Advise and steps on how to generate constant royalties
  • Easy to learn Step by step process and instructions
  • Overview of The Music Licensing Industry
  • Hours of Training Videos, Audios and E-Books.
  • Overview on writer and licensing companies/publisher splits
  • Learn how to effectively collaborate with other songwriters and musicians
  • Overview of Metadata and free templates to use
  • Explanation and importance of administrative documents such as cue sheets and metadata sheets
  • How To Fill A Film and TV Metadata and Cue Sheet
  • Access To Her Very Own Email template For contacting Music Supervisors and Music Licensing Companies
  • Tips on best methods and practices to send your music for consideration
  • Review your music after completion and provide feedback
  • Progress and Course Ratings
  • Lesson Attachments and Questions
  • Free Webinars
  • Free Newsletters, Subscription, and Advise
  • and much more