3 Things You Need To Know About Placing Your Songs In Video Games

A lot of you have dreams of hearing your songs in your favorite video games. The thought of hearing your song as a theme song, opener, or action scene would be a dream come true. The video game industry is a billon dollar industry and still growing.

As a composer years ago, i recall hearing my song for the first time in a tv show. The feeling was indescribable and quite overwhelming. You would have thought i won a million dollars.

As a music supervisor,  I recently worked and placed music in a video game (soon to be released) and was quite an interesting experience with the music selections. Sure you’re expecting me to mention the name of the video game. I want too! 🙂 Unfortunately, i can’t for contractual reasons.

While securing a placement in video games could be harder than other placement opportunities, the reward is huge. An average placement could range from $10k all the way up to $100k, plus royalties. Video games garner millions of sales, and the demand for it by the consumers are unlikely to slow down any time soon.

Here are few tips for you if you’re looking to place your music in video games.


1. Understand the culture, trend, and story line of the video game.

It’s very important for you to understand the style of music used in the video game you are interested in placing your music in. For example, NBA 2k is a sports themed video game with lots of high energy urban and electronic music use. Trying to place a country song in this video game would be totally out of the loop and won’t work. Know and study patterns of music before pitching your songs to video games.


2. It’s ok to go for the small fish than the big ones.

While we all want to place our songs in the next Sonic The Hedgehog video game or Lego Marvel Super Heroes as they are both best sellers and well known, let’s not forget hundreds of other video games that are not as popular, yet sell millions of copies. Be sure not to overlook this space as it’s equally lucrative and may be receptive to your music. It’s equally lucrative financially and you can easily make $5k – $10k per placement of your music. Same goes for composers. You could secure several compositions with these games and would result in a great payout.


3. Persistency and Consistency.

I can’t seem to stress the importance of been persistent and consistent. You need to understand you are approaching cooperations and individuals who have a very busy schedule with massive deadlines to meet. Be persistent, yet consistent. Give it some time before checking in again if your music was received or reviewed. No one likes a “pest”. It tends to be a turn off. Just like any relationship we build in our personal lives, we need to use the same formula here. Build, build, build! Don’t rush into it.


Alright. It’s time for you to put the foot on the gas pedal and zoom! Looking forward to seeing and hearing your placement success stories soon!

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