Music Licensing for Film and TV is the fastest, most stable, and reliable career path for a music creator.

My Music In Film and TV Institute

Offers access to online hands-on training courses to beginners and experienced music creators anywhere in the world, guiding them to succeed and excel by teaching them how to create music for visual media, successfully license their music, 360 of music licensing, to jumpstart their music licensing career and be a full time music creator!

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Music Production For Film and TV Course
Music In Film and TV Master Course


Music licensing is the quickest platform to achieving a steady stream of income. The creatives behind films, television shows, commercials, video games, ringtones, and other digital-age media NEED your music for their projects. Having Your Music In Film and TV puts you on the forefront for lucrative opportunities as a music creator. Regardless of experience, up-and-coming or a new songwriter or a music producer/composer, there’s a place for you in this fast-growing field—as long as you learn to master the game!

Get Trained On:

  • How to start your music licensing career
  • The entire 360 of music licensing
  • Composing, producing & writing music specifically for visual media (film, tv, ads, video games)
  • Generate constant revenue and be a full time music creator
  • The administrative requirements of music licensing
  • How to get and retain your own clients (music supervisors, production houses, etc)
  • and much more!

Jumpstart Your Music Licensing Career With Our Training Courses

All our courses are self study, hands-on, online, and designed for music creators who are looking to jumpstart their music licensing career and secure longevity as a musician.

About Your Trainer

Ade Ariyo, is a music supervisor, music licensing veteran & producer, highly sought after for her expertise as a music licensing expert, coach, and trainer. As the CEO and Owner of the Giant Music Licensing and Publishing Company, MUSIC BLVD GROUP, licensing and placing music in over 53 countries with it’s primary location in Los Angeles, California, she’s placed over 6000 tracks in various film and tv shows….

What Other Music Producers & Songwriters Have To Say

Get Trained. Create Music. Earn Revenue.

Visual Media Platforms In Need Of Music

TV Shows
Video Games
Web, Apps, etc.

What are you doing with ALL that music seating on your HARD DRIVE?

It's time to turn them into placements. Start your music licensing career TODAY.

Some Of The Present & Past Shows Your Trainer Has Placed Music/Worked On

Marc Collier: Drummer, Teacher For 30 Years, Masters Degree In Music From University of Washington

Course Taken: Music In Film and TV Master Course

“ Glad to have taken this course. I’m well equipped with information and a good understanding of music licensing, which is what i need to start licensing music and getting my own music supervisor clients ”

Nate ‘Elevator Nate’ Wheeler: Composer, Music Producer for 10 years

Course Taken: Music Production For Film and TV 

“ The film and tv space is my dream. I learned all i need to know to adapt my music to the format needed to be to go to person for music in film and tv. The instructor and trainer was excellent. Glad i took the class!! I got a better understanding of how much music is used in visual media and how there’s a lot of money to be made ”

John Kyle: Co Owner of MMP Records after taking the Film and TV Master Course

Course Taken: My Music in Film and TV Master Course

“Every musician needs to take and continue this type of training. The experience and expertise of Ade, the trainer is solid. The music licensing course and the way you present it is highly intuitive and educational for anyone that’s willing to get into the music business. You presented the information in a very easy term for a novice to understand, and i consider myself a novice ”

Knowledge Plus Preparation Leads To Sucess

Did you know a TV Show mostly averages 40-60 tracks per episode? If each TV Show averages 12 episodes, 12 times 50 is 600 tracks. 600 tracks times 12 shows per tv station is 720. Most TV service providers average 200 plus TV stations. 200 x 720 is 144,000, and that’s an example of possible use in just 1 COUNTRY per season! We haven’t touched on the music use in Film, Commercial, and Video Games just yet. Are you starting to see the big picture?  It’s time to jumpstart your music licensing career. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have you ever wondered how music is used in your favorite Film or TV happened?

Do you have hundreds of music seating on your hard drive and have no idea how to generate royalties from them?

Do you write songs but don’t know how to get it placed on your favorite tv show?

Do you know how to produce or write specifically for film and tv?

Do you know what music licensing is and how it works?

Do you want to jumpstart your music licensing career?

If any of these or something similar happens to be a question you’ve always wondered about? We recommend you take a course that applies to you. Knowledge is power. To become a doctor, you need to gain knowledge of the profession. Same thing applies to you as a music content creator. To successfully license your music, you need to educate yourself on the craft

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Yes, MyMusicInFilmAndTv Institute is an online training platform providing self study materials to provide knowledge on various aspects of music licensing as a whole. You would be awarded your certificate upon successful completion of your course.

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Not to worry. Send an email to with the email header “Requesting My Login Credentials For Website”. Be sure to include your full name (first, and last) and email address you used to sign on to the site. Once we verify, we would provide you with new login credentials.

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Yes you would need to logon to access your course with the same username and password you created To get the most out of your course, we highly recommend that you follow the lessons and access the videos and audios when instructed too.

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Music Producer Courses –It’s catered to beginners and  advanced music producers. You should have access to a music production software of your choice and a computer to access your course materials.

Songwriter Courses – It’s catered to beginners and  advanced songwriters. If you can pick up a pen, compose, and write, you are ready. Ideally, you should have a vocal production software for vocal recording your songs or have access to a music recording studio, and a computer to access your course materials.

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Yes you can. You can purchase a consultation package and schedule a one on one consultation and training with the industry veteran Ade Ariyo. Click here to purchase.

Have a question? Email to

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Sure. Send us an email:

We would surely respond immediately.

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The length varies per course. Since it’s self study, time of completion would vary and depends on you. Each course comes with several lessons and steps. Details of each course is outlined on the course page. Each lesson would include training materials you need to read, video tutorials you need to watch, and activities you need to carry out. You would have access to your course for 12 months which allows you to learn at your own pace. Upon purchase completion, you are granted access to your course, and can start immediately. You would have access to video tutorials, audio mp3 tutorials, E-Books, production template files, audio samples, and many more. check on the course page to see details of your course outline.

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